METAL Fidget Spinners

METAL Fidget Spinners
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Metal Fidget Spinners are special and so much fun. They feel really good in the hand, and they have an excellent weight. Metal Fidget Spinners will spin longer than plastic spinners, because they are better balanced. Enjoy the feel of a high quality spinner. These are perfect gifts for yourself or the other adults in your life.

Penny Fidget Spinner

The Penny Fidget spinner uses real pennies in this keepsake spinner.

Rainbow Duo Metal Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner is made from premium material titanium alloy EDC with a rainbow colored electrofinish. It comes in a metal case.

Rainbow - 6-arm Spinner

This 6 armed metal fidget spinner is a metallic rainbow colored spinner that has 6 arms with barrel shaped ends. Spins smoothly and quietly.

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